Magical Bodi Toothpaste Squeezer

$14.95 $29.95


Are you tired of tossing out not-quite empty tubes of toothpaste simply because the last few drops won't squeeze out? Imagine how much money you've been tossing into the trash over the years! Our amazing Bodi Toothpaste Squeezer is about to change all of that!

Simply slide the cute little bathroom companion onto your toothpaste tube and watch as it pushes all the paste from the bottom to the top! Not a drop of product wasted, ever again.


  • Adorable, colorful bathroom companion that kids LOVE
  • Choose from a variety of animal characters
  • Clip and push. That's it! VERY EASY to use
  • Say goodbye to the days of wasting toothpaste

The perfect bathroom companion for the whole family! So EASY to use even kids can do it.