Stainless Steel Pro Food Slicer

$19.99 $39.99


Save time & effort in the kitchen and eliminate the risk of cutting your fingers!

This awesome kitchen gadget allows you to chop perfect, uniform slices of your favorite foods without the risk of cutting your fingers. It features ultra-sharp stainless-steel prongs that can pierce and hold even the toughest foods...You'll love using these food holders on fruits, vegetables, potatoes, fish, chicken, meat, you name it! his gadget is a huge help in the kitchen and makes chopping and slicing go much faster. But more importantly, it will help you keep your fingers out of range of your knife which will significantly reduce the chance you'll accidentally cut yourself! 


  • MADE OF PREMIUM MATERIALS - Made of food grade stainless steel with a durable and sleek design. 
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - You'll be able to use this gadget for all kinds of tasks. Use it as a meat tenderizer, tomato slicer, potato & onion holder, and many many more.
  • ENJOY SAFER CUTTING - Now you'll be able to keep your hand further away from your knife which will reduce the chance you cut your fingers.
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